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Silver and Salt

Aran has always had his secrets, things he didn’t feel like sharing until his younger brother finally got up the nerve to ask about the past he never mentioned. At least until mid a few days in mid September after an early morning swimming lesson. Until asked, he never spoke of the family had before being adopted by their parents or some of his own past. It was his own until Tristan’s curiosity made him finally tell the story. Alternating between the present day and the years prior to his time in Seattle.


Ash: A Mythos Novel

Daniel always knew his family was different from others, it wasn’t just the ghost of a long dead woman haunting them. Or the political games his family played. It was the family gift, known but rarely spoken of. To kill or hurt with just a murmured word and touch. He tried to stay far enough away from that as he could, while remaining close enough to protect his brother. Until his father killed a man for some insignificant slight. He fled rather than continue playing the game he had been taught since childhood. Only to find himself in the arms of a Calais, Maine teacher.



Bound in Blood : A Mythos Novel

WIP – Coming Soon


Author Mark Jonathan Runte

Mark is a transmasculine writer published in several indie journals and magazines. He spent several years trying to figure out a path and where to go in life before almost falling in writing. He hasn’t looked back since. He is the proud owner of a little black Havanese who things too much, and a Shih Tzu bichon mix who would rather believe it was winter all the time. Ash is his first novel, but he has many more in the works.

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Excerpt from Never Be a Saint

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